The Gene Chizik Firing Pool


Gene Chizk's Auburn Tiger are 1-2, looking straight into the jaws of 1-3.  We all know how Auburn enjoys running off coaches (here and here).  Personally, I think it's just a matter of time before we say happy trails to the Chizmonster. Why not have some fun and use Chiz's impending vocational shift for some good?  


The contest is simple, whoever picks the date and time closest to Chizik's actual D-day, wins.  

To enter the contest visit the Raise Money For Jami Davis page and make a donation.   Jami is mom to the famous Bama Dawg and a 9 year old little girl.  Jami has been diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. The costs of her medical care are staggering, and every donation helps, no matter the amount.

After sending your donation email me at with your prediction of the time and date Gene Chizik gets fired. Be sure to include your name and Twitter handle.  I will then place you in the pool.  The pool will be posted on this page, so come back often and see what your friends are predicting.


The prize is a personal social media graphics package from @K1ngCrimson and @banditref.  It will include a personally drawn caricature, a personal Twitter logo, Twitter background, Facebook cover photo and more.  The package is valued at over 1 billion Zimbabwe dollars. You will also earn a prize more rare and valued than any other, the respect and admiration of King Crimson and Bandit Ref.


SPREAD THE WORD! Tweet, Facebook, and shout from the roof tops about this contest, lets get Jami better!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right?

Anonymous said...

Auburn enjoys running off coaches? They've had 4 head coaches in the past 31 years. Bama has had 5 in the last 12 years.

Anonymous said...

Just sick to use a little girls cancer to show your hate for your cross state rival. you and the Bama fanbase truly are Updykes.

Bandit said...

Auburn fans, it's not a little girl, it's the little girls mom. But I forgive you, it would require reading to figure that out. Also, we aren't using cancer, so much as raising money to fight it. If you want to make a donation I would welcome bets from Auburn fans that Chizik isn't going to get fired.

Love and Kisses,


Anonymous said...

Wow. You're serious, aren't you?
Trust me, I hope Jami recovers from her sickness.
There's no cure for yours.

Bandit said...

I'm never serious. It's poking fun at Auburn and trying to raise money for cancer. The fact you Auburn folks think making fun of football and raising money for cancer is some horrible sacrilegious crime is really funny. You are taking football way way to seriously bro.

All the best,
Sorry about the 1-3,


Anonymous said...

This is Jami. Thank you Bandit for helping out!
To the's just meant in good fun. Lighten up and don't be so dang serious! If anything, Bandit is using the hated cross-state rival's really crappy season to help me fight cancer so I can continue to raise my little girl. Would you have had a problem with it if the poll was "When will the 'Nick Saban to Arkansas' rumors officially start?" Chill out. There are FAR more important things in life to get all upset and bent out of shape about than this. Trust me, I know.
And for the record, I've got a good friend that's an Auburn fan that says if they lose to Ole Miss next week that jet plane better be fueled up and ready to go start the search for his replacement.

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