Picking the Losers Week 1

You may need this Aubie.
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There are a thousand blogs picking who they think the big winners will be for each week of the college football season, so I have decided to go another direction.  Each week I will be "Picking the Losers"  for the upcoming week of football.

Week one of college football is a pretty weak meal.  But then again, we have been months without football and if we jumped right into a huge schedule of awesome our heads might explode. There are still a few games worth watching other than the traditional watch the team you are a homer of slaughter an unsuspecting cupcake. 


Bandit Cartoon: Texas A&M and the Big 12 Have "The Break Up Talk"

Because breaking up is hard to do ...

It's not you, It's me.
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Leaked Cover of the 2011 Miami Hurricanes Media Guide

Dirty Former Miami A.D. is Now in Charge of NCAA Infractions Committee

Paul dee
Paul Dee: A.D. for the U,
NCAA Chair, Pimp

You have of course read the Yahoo Sports story on Miami by now.  If you haven't get out from under your rock and go read "Renegade Miami Football Booster Spells Out Illicit Benefits to Players."  The story is an amazing chronicle of what must be the most blatant and filthy college cheating scandal of all time.   Miami is in some serious serious trouble, at least they should be.

The Miami Athletic Director during this cheating spree was a guy named Paul Dee.  Dee isn't the current A.D. at Miami however, no he has moved on to bigger and better things.  Dee is now the chairman of the NCAA committee on infractions.  Yes, that's right, the man who was A.D. during this filthy and horrible scandal is now in charge of enforcing the rules on other NCAA schools.  The man who handed down the decision on USC let players get prostitutes bought for them by boosters at Miami.  It really does put into perspective how incredibly corrupt the NCAA is doesn't it?

I guess the NCAA is functioning on the belief that the more corrupt you are, the better you would be at identifying corruption in others.  The NCAA is a joke, and it's making college football one as well.

The NCAA is starting to make Congress look trustworthy.
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Every Conversation With a Texas Fan

The most popular cartoon series in Bandit history continues.  This time we look at the logical points made by Texas fans about the Longhorn Network and the Aggies possibly leaving for the SEC.  Enjoy!

Steve Spurrier is Mad That Life Isn't Fair

On Tuesday South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier sat down to talk to Dan Patrick about his team, the off-season,  and of all things, social media.  It wasn't the fact that the 66 year old Spurrier hated Twitter that surprised me, it was that he still hasn't outgrown being a tattletale. 

Spurrier was upset that Alabama received what he called "favorable treatment" from ESPN.  Spurrier's complaints revolved around the ESPN special on Alabama's training camp and the Alabama "Roll Tide" commercial  that aired during last year's bowl season.  Spurrier was so upset by this "favorable treatment" that he went to SEC commissioner Mike Slive to complain.  This is where it gets really 3rd grade tattletale,  Spurrier asked Mike Slive "what ever happened to Go Gators, Rocky Top, or Go Gamecocks?"  Spurrier says he just didn't think it was very fair.


Texas to the Rest of the Big 12


Is Texas A&M SECeding? If So, Who Else?

The rumor mill has been hard at work this morning predicting Texas A&M will move to the SEC for the 2012 season.  I think that A&M making it for 2012 may be a bit of a stretch, but the rumors have been kicked into high gear with the Longhorn Network Deal out in the open for all to see. No reasonable person can argue that the amount of money, publicity, and positive media coverage Texas will get with the deal puts them at an incredible advantage over their counterparts in the Big 12. At this point it looks like Texas is out to do what makes the most money for Texas and everyone else be damned.

So why would Texas A&M go to the SEC? From Texas A&M's standpoint it makes sense for a variety of reasons. They would be joining the undisputed top conference in college football, the SEC has won the past six national titles. They would also be able to recruit against Texas using the SEC banner, telling recruits that they could be seen all over Texas on the Longhorn Network, or all over the nation with the SEC. It would be a step up in revenue to join the lucrative media deals of the SEC, instead of getting what scraps fall their way in the Big 12. The Aggies would be in the hunt for some great bowls and get to play LSU on a yearly basis again. It is really hard to find a reason why the Aggies wouldn't want to be in the SEC when compared to the at this point all but doomed Big 12. Do you want to play Missouri and Kansas, or Alabama and LSU?