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Today, March 12th, 2013 is truly a special day. In fact, one could go as far as to say that today is monumental; extraordinary in both scope and magnitude. Today a day of days, one that will forever be remembered in the annals of college football history. Today marks 500 days since the University of Auburn football team won an SEC game.

Now, many of you may ask yourself why a self proclaimed Hog-Homer would have any right, or claim to this, the most joyous of days. However, it is in fact Auburn's ineptitude on the field of play against my beloved Razorbacks, that affords me the proclivity to expound upon this most dubious distinction.

October 6th, 2012 began like any other Saturday morning during college football season. The air was crisp with the coming fall. If the trees in Toomer's corner had any leaves at all, they would have been turning that golden to slightly orange color that marks the impending changing of the seasons. The Auburn faithful were beginning to file into Jordan-Hare Stadium by the fives, and tens; carrying their trade marked signs bearing the oh-so original motto, "All In". The excitement of the near capacity crowd of six-thousand, was palpable. The mighty War-Tiger-Eagles were taking on the hapless, leaderless, John L Smith Smiling Arkansas Razorbacks.

Neither team had yet to win an SEC game. Arkansas began the season with all the best intentions, falsely inflated egos, and overly-hyped trappings of a team set up for a huge fall; and fall they did. Auburn fans knew this all too well. Auburn, just one year removed from an undefeated, BCS National Championship season, was down on it's luck as well. It had been almost a year since Auburn had won an SEC game, their last win at the hands of Houston Dale Nutt's always dominant Ole Miss Black Bear-Rebels. Auburn fans felt that the savior of their team, Gene Chizik, would surely lead the Tiger-Eagles to victory over JLS and the Razorbacks.
As the two teams met on the Plains, the record breaking crowd could feel the mediocrity exuding from each player as they faced down their foe. The crisp early fall air, on that Saturday morning, had begun to sour and turn tepid with the stench of shattered dreams, unrealized potential,  and John L's Stetson cologne.

The game itself was a shining example of SEC football...if you consider the Big 12 an example of SEC football. Which I do not, but I digress. In the end, Arkansas won, and in doing so, achieved their first SEC win. Gene Chizik was out-coached by the old man from the Six Flags commercials; a geriatric, senile old coot, with as much financial responsibility as Bernie Madoff, and outplayed by an offense with a case of the dropsies, supported by a defense afraid of its own shadow. It took a near Herculean effort by the crowd to stay through the entire game. It was glorious.

The Razorbacks took the momentum from their win, and defeated the mighty Kentucky Wildcats the following week, en route to a respectable, by B1G standards, 4-8 record. A feat made possible by the sacrifice of the Auburn War-Tigers.

So, on this day, as we celebrate Auburn's fantastically gargantuan achievement, let us all remember, that while Arkansas was bad in 2012, they weren't Auburn bad. And that my friends is just bad.



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